About The Jewellery



Together with artists, writers and collectors alike, I find myself under the spell that captivated the earliest explorers of Africa. On this continent, the human imagination holds sway, and can turn anything into adornment. Africans’ creative freedom is virtually unlimited, and I cannot help but marvel at their ability to turn even simple materials into ornamentation of stunning splendour and sophistication. It awakens in me the instinctive human need for pleasure and play.
I want to contribute to creating an alternative to conventional Western jewellery through looking at Africa with a fresh lens. What affects me are the visual impressions of the vanishing tribes of Africa. It speaks of worlds that have since succumbed to the unforgiving centuries and ruthless pursuit of progress.
Maybe you’ll also find yourself falling under the spell of Africa…

The Materials

I love the look of ivory but did not want to harm any animals, so I experimented for years and eventually developed a vegan ivory recipe that resembles ivory but with no animal products or testing.

My jewellery is certified vegan by PETA (see listing here). 

The Shop

I often receive messages asking why most pieces in my online shop are sold out, so I thought I would explain my process and online shop a little bit.

All of my jewellery are handmade by me in my home studio. I create small collections at a time, with many being unique one off pieces. I try to update my shop every few months, however sometimes there can be longer breaks between collections whilst I am working on developing new products, or just taking a break from making. I also like to spend time researching and finding inspiration to plan future collections.

You can submit your email at the bottom of this page to be notified when new collections launch and are available to buy. All my new releases are exclusive to subscribers.